Education and Research

Inteligencia Prospectiva (IP) thrives on cutting-edge research. Our objective is to provide an interactive platform that integrates high quality research for academic interactions with institutions, professionals, and students. In this section, we provide a wide array of resources, documents, and activities that further knowledge about technological foresight. This platform serves as a meeting space for interacting with our clients and users.


IP promotes global alliances with educational and research centers specialized in technological foresight. We stimulate applied research and promote its dissemination.


IP has forged an ample network of strategic alliances with public and private institutions, multilateral organizations, governments, community leaders, NGOs, prestigious universities, and think-tanks around the World. This section offers information about our educational events and those of our partners globally.


IP generates prospective technological research on specific project areas that call for deeper investigation in order to discover, expand upon, and/or develop knowledge in the scientific, humanistic, social, or technological fields. This encourages reading, critical thinking, and  intellectual exchanges with people and institutions interested in the field of Technology Foresight.

Here, you will find relevant reports from previous and ongoing studies in this subject matter.

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