Inteligencia Prospectiva (IP) is ethically conscious and prioritizes environmental protection and preservation, as well as conservation of natural resources for the development of the planet and their sustainable use by future generations.

We apply conservation practices within the Company, in our communities, and in our local and international projects. Our objective is to maintain the highest environmental protection standards and adhere to a strict environmental policy in all our operations, finances, and corporate social responsibility, complying with international standards.


IP is committed to the conscious and sustainable use of natural resources. We design and implement  green technologies with maximum energy efficiency—all conducive to conservation and recycling.

For IP, to take care of the Environment is to take care of our Home; to extend the spaces of harmonious coexistence and provide better options to future generations on a global scale.

Circular Economy

We strive to develop smart, sustainable, and inclusive economic growth for the Company and our projects globally. We support an economic system that incentivizes the efficient and sustainable use of non-renewable products, materials, and resources—maintaining their value within the economy for as long as possible. Our objective is to minimize the generation of waste—and instead reuse waste as a recyclable resource in a new economic system.

In its daily activities, IP implements environmental strategies aimed at water conservation, reduction of energy use, and recycling of organic and inorganic materials.

Three-Fold Result System

We are committed to a sustainable economic system. For IP, its entrepreneurial activities go beyond pure profitability—the environmental, economic, and social dimensions are at the core of the Company’s business model. Our corporate responsibility policy aims to contribute to a better future for everyone, based on innovation, social progress, equality, and environmental conservation, along with the company’s positive and responsible economic performance globally.

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