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About Us

Inteligencia Prospectiva (IP) is a cutting-edge Spanish company dedicated to technological foresight, focusing on social and entrepreneurial projects. Our extensive data processing capabilities allow us to undertake research-based foresight and prospective technological studies in all areas of human activity.

We prioritize sustainable innovation. Our company is highly committed to, and in tune with, people’s welfare and social development, as well as equality, the worth of age-old knowledge passed down over the generations, and the environment, among other subject areas, and this is expressly stated it in our founding manifesto.

We promote clear and transparent relationships with the people and organizations we work with, guaranteeing high standards of performance and reliability through Autonomous Transversal Management—our operational and project strategy, which sets us apart from the rest and strengthens our business potential and mission.

Our Strategy

Autonomous Transversal Management is our core business strategy to tackle projects and undertake prospective technological studies at a local and international level. It is also the foundation for our organizational values as a Company.

The strategy dictates how we act and articulate with different players—multilateral agencies, public, private, non-governmental, and civil society organizations—to achieve a common goal: support the economic and social development of countries in Ibero-America and other regions of the World, and to do so in a sustainable manner, through the application of foresight and through the transfer of technologies, knowledge, experience, and resources.

Our Services

IP provides prospective technological capabilities to private and public organizations and NGOs—core data analytics that strengthen our clients’ strategic planning and decision-making based on probable social, political, and economic scenarios.


IP is ethically conscious and prioritizes environmental protection and preservation, as well as conservation of natural resources for the development of the planet and their sustainable use by future generations.

We apply conservation practices within the Company, in our communities, and in our local and international projects. Our objective is to maintain the highest environmental protection standards and adhere to a strict environmental policy in all our operations, finances, and corporate social responsibility, complying with international standards.

Education and Research

IP thrives on cutting-edge research. Our objective is to provide an interactive platform that integrates high quality research for academic interactions with institutions, professionals, and students. In this section, we provide a wide array of resources, documents, and activities that further knowledge about technological foresight. This platform serves as a meeting space for interacting with our clients and users.

Middle East

As a company with a high sense of social and environmental responsibility, Inteligencia Prospectiva (IP) is proud to share the entrepreneurial experience gained in Ibero-America with countries of the Middle East by means of its operational strategy named Transversal Autonomous Management, which serves as the basis to articulate different stakeholders to achieve a common goal: support the economic and social development of countries in Ibero-America and other regions of the World in a sustainable manner through the application of technology foresight, and the transfer of technologies, knowledge, experiences, and resources.

Contact Us

We strive for direct interactions with our users and the general public. We offer this space to collaborate with neighboring communities that participate in our projects, as well as to connect with companies and people interested in our activities.

Ready to chat about possible collaborations with Inteligencia Prospectiva? Fill out your details below and you will hear from us within 24 hours.

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