Middle East

As a company with a high sense of social and environmental responsibility, Inteligencia Prospectiva (IP) is proud to share the entrepreneurial experience gained in Ibero-America with countries of the Middle East by means of its operational strategy named Transversal Autonomous Management, which serves as the basis to articulate different stakeholders to achieve a common goal: support the economic and social development of countries in Ibero-America and other regions of the World in a sustainable manner through the application of technology foresight, and the transfer of technologies, knowledge, experiences, and resources.

Autonomous Transversal

The deployment of the Autonomous Transversal Management (GTA, Spanish Acronym) aligned to the specific characteristics and requirements of each project, also offers a platform for dialogue, understanding and intercultural cooperation at different levels from the local to the international. In this sense, the GTA has allowed IP to connect governments, legislators, local authorities, civil society organizations, the media, academia, independent individuals, bilateral and multilateral organizations dedicated to promoting the well-being and understanding between diverse communities and regions.

Shaping the future

The most outstanding contribution of the company is the application of Technology Foresight within the framework of the GTA, as a management tool to inform decision- making and act as a catalyst for the design of strategic options in a context full of uncertainty. Achieving understanding and respect among civilizations, cultures, religions, and beliefs in a long-term and sustainable manner requires the ability to shape the future, particularly in times of greatest turbulence, in order to maintain countries prepared to take advantage of new opportunities generated by rapid social and technological progress and achieve common goals in terms of world peace and the wellbeing of humanity.


As a strategic capability, the use of Technology Foresight may significantly contribute to the successful completion of projects in the long term (10 to 30 years), by studying the challenges and opportunities that arise from multiple signals and agents of change that shape the future, and are considered could potentially influence intercultural dialogue, understanding, mutual respect and cooperation between the stakeholders involved.

Energy and Environment

Understanding and collaboration among countries and cultures require common goals and commitment. Climate change and sustainable development brings to the forefront the investment and creation of new affordable, reliable, and cleaner sources of energy to propel economies through a feasible, desirable and shared future.


Although the economic structure of Middle Eastern nations is different, the world’s largest producer and exporter of oil -Saudi Arabia- is located in this area. Other countries such as Cyprus, Israel, Turkey, and Egypt have a highly diverse economic base, but for all of them energy is indispensable.

Climate Change

Since climate change is also expected to put significant strain on already scarce water and agricultural resources within the Middle East region threatening the national security and political stability of all included countries, some of them have engaged with the issue of climate change on an international level through environmental accords such as the Paris Agreement. Law and policy are also being established on a national level, with a focus on the development of renewable energies.


In this global scenario, Inteligencia Prospectiva (IP) offers the lessons learnt from the international experience on research-based foresight and prospective technological services provided to public and private organizations in all areas of human activity. The approach is characterized by technology innovation, the systemic, coordinated, and interdisciplinary work of professionals, and the deployment of sustainable development strategies with deep respect for the environment and the idiosyncrasy of each country.

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