Our Services

Inteligencia Prospectiva (IP) provides prospective technological capabilities to private and public organizations and NGOs—core data analytics that strengthen our clients’ strategic planning and decision-making based on probable social, political, and economic scenarios.


Through Technology Foresight, we generate relevant and forward-looking knowledge for decision making, designing high-impact social solutions with a sound technological base in the form of shared scenarios. This translates into projects with comprehensive, tangible benefits for communities, organizations, and the governments of the countries where we provide our services.

We undertake prospective technological research and projects through strategic alliances and international cooperation agreements. Our strategic partners and partner companies are part of an ample web of multinational, recurring collaborators who have demonstrated unparalleled trustworthiness in supporting public institutions, private enterprises, multilateral institutions, and non-profit organizations before a diverse array of social and economic opportunities.

Social Emergencies

We apply prospective technological research to forecast social emergencies and plan early responses for prevention and care in the Ibero-American region. Our mission is to prevent major breakdowns and unsalvageable social contingencies; we strive to save lives, alleviate suffering and mitigate situations of extreme poverty in communities faced with social emergencies. To this end, we specialize in the design and development of intervening measures for these emergencies.


Through prospective technological research, we apply data processing capabilities to generate explanatory and predictive models for electoral behavior, disaggregated geographically at different levels of election for public office in Ibero-America, the European Union, and the United States.


We promote and collaborate to generate technological knowledge required to improve or produce new products or services—all of which are environmentally friendly and adapted to the idiosyncrasies of each country.
We apply prospective technological research and assess the socio-technical environment in order to innovate in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.

Technological Transfer

The purpose is to incorporate knowledge, skills, and technologies to a Productive Unit in order to stimulate the deliberate and systematic assimilation of technological change, in accordance with development levels of different countries, communities, companies, and/or organizations.

Knowledge Management

We start from the premise that, in order to perform relevant human action and intervention, a certain body empirical, rational knowledge about the physical, biological, and/or social world must inform this course of action. With this perspective in mind, we conceive Knowledge Management as the set of processes, tools, methods, procedures, and equipment used to produce goods and services and applied as a means to solve human problems in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.

Areas of Expertise

This section provides information on the potential business opportunities and action areas related to the Company, all of which may be of special interest to future users due to its strengths in foresight and technology management. The purpose is to project the potential of our Company’s services and how we direct them geographically across the World.

Technological Innovation

IP is an innovative, new generation company. At the core of our professional agenda is our drive to develop and improve technologies, processes, and products. In this section, you can find information about IP’s innovative projects and services. Through the Company’s ample web of alliances with research and development centers, IP integrates capabilities to generate short-term, medium-term, and long-term solutions tailored to customer needs.


We apply Case Studies and qualitative research to study unique situations and delve into aspects of interest for organizations and communities neighboring our areas of operation. Through this methodology, we systemically develop foresight-based solutions to complex problems, promoting participation by external and internal actors.

Public Policy

We develop prospective studies with the full force of technological innovation and according to the highest environmental and sustainability standards. As agents of change, we wish to inspire policy makers, community leaders, and decision makers to replace barriers to sustainable development with initiatives that promote it. We evaluate public policy frameworks with a deep understanding and respect of the idiosyncrasies of each country.

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