Our Strategy

Autonomous Transversal Management is our core business strategy to tackle projects and undertake prospective technological studies at a local and international level. It is also the foundation for our organizational values as a Company.

The strategy dictates how we act and articulate with different players—multilateral agencies, public, private, non-governmental, and civil society organizations—to achieve a common goal: support the economic and social development of countries in Ibero-America and other regions of the World, and to do so in a sustainable manner, through the application of foresight and through the transfer of technologies, knowledge, experience, and resources.


This is our operating strategy—it consists of how we articulate in a systemic and coordinated manner with different governments, public and private institutions, production systems, universities, and organized communities in countries where we operate. Operationally, the strategy is characterized as “transversal” because we integrate key players and decision-makers, as well as the necessary financial support and human talent to achieve common objectives.

The strategy includes two types of components: internal and external.

Internal Components

For each of our Projects, we approach planning, implementation, and evaluation phases based on a methodology defined by internal components, which are indicated in the following equation:

Objectives + Actions + Resources

Our Strategy

External Components

The external components of Autonomous Transversal Management generate added value for our Company, promote the principles of sustainability, ensure success, and strengthen our mission and organizational goals.

Prospective Technological Research

Assessment of the Socio-Technical Environment

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